We’re moving!

Sorry for the radio silence over here….we’ve been in transition mode. We are moving to Tyler, Texas in June to join a launch team for a church plant called Church of the Pines. The church doesn’t officially launch until February of 2018, but we wanted to get over there at the beginning of June to give our kids a chance to get settled before school begins. We have had to hold off on formally announcing our move due to a number of factors and really everything that has happened in our lives since my last post has been related to this move so nothing I could share until now.

This is a big step for our family. We’re leaving an incredible support system over here in Mississippi and branching out on our own. I can tell you for sure that if we weren’t completely convinced that God has instructed us to do this, we wouldn’t do this. It’s hurt my heart a little bit thinking about the fact that we won’t have our usual cheering section at baseball games, plays, school programs, ballet recitals, etc. It also excites me to create a family of friends. Things will look different but I’m confident that the Lord will surround us with another support system and our kids won’t skip a beat.

So, what have we been up to? January-we shared with our Pastor our plans to move to Texas. February-we had an attorney pull in our driveway and basically ask to buy our house. March-we took our first trip to Tyler to have a look around and try to determine which schools we want to enroll our kids in, as well as, what area of town we want to live in. Also, beginning of baseball season for Ian, which means practices and games 2x’s per week. April-we dedicated time to MS and our responsibilities at our current church+baseball 2x’s per week. Which brings me to May..we’ve made another trip to Tyler to secure a home, received notification that Ian has been accepted into the school we chose (that has a waiting list). There have been hearings before the board of aldermen here in Clinton regarding the sell of our house. Now, I’m packing every day… 2 weeks till we move and trying to get enough packed each day so that I won’t have much to do the week we move.

Yesterday was awards day for Ian and he was the proud recipient of 3 awards: Outstanding Arrow (school mascot?) in the area of Music, Accelerated Reading points over 100, and A/B Honor Roll. This year has been a little bit tougher for him as he prepares to enter Junior High next year and we are super proud of him.


Followed today by our youngest, Harper, graduating from preschool (insert cry face). This little monkey has attended this preschool since she was 2. My mom and mom-in-law kept Harper for the first 2 years of her life. About that time, I noticed that she was just bored and really could use some sort of routine and more people to keep her occupied. We enrolled her at Funtime and haven’t regretted the decision once. Every teacher she has had has been the exact person she needed for that point in her life.

Harper receiving the “Fantastic Friend” award+diploma from her teacher Ms. Ann


Our time in Mississippi has been wonderful and it’s really bittersweet for us to end this chapter of our lives (in every regard). We’re excited for what God has in store for us though. We’re always down for an adventure. Stay tuned!

P.S.  We have the girls on a waiting list at the elementary campus for the same school Ian has been accepted into. If you will, please pray that the girls (including my niece) get into the school by the time school starts. This is really the last piece of the puzzle for us. We’re not sweatin it…God’s got it.


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