This Old House

2 years ago Chris and I made the decision to go after a house that was, quite frankly, out of our reach.fullsizerender-3

We live in the historic district of a college town, which means we’re within walking distance to pretty much everything. With that comes a price tag. We felt peace in our hearts about it and so we just decided to go for it and believe God for favor.


Old houses are an acquired taste really. The floors creak, the ceiling pops when someone walks on the floor upstairs which also occasionally happens when no one is upstairs (!), they’re cold, etc.

The history behind the house is fascinating to us. This house was built in 1936 and was actually moved from it’s original location to where it currently sits. The house was originally one story. Our daughters room on the bottom floor had a door to the outside and that room was used to rent out to college students in the 30’s.

The owners of the home before us had the house moved to this 1 acre lot. A railroad track used during the Civil War (and still operates today) runs right in front of our house. History is all around us and it’s a total dream.

Chris is super passionate about history. His bookshelf is filled with books about the founding fathers, past presidents, wars, you name it. The college he attended actually was used as a hospital during the Civil War. It’s a no brainer that we would jump on this house given the chance.

There are so many little charms about this house. All of the floors in the house are the original to the house. There’s a little phone nook that holds a phone from the time period (the doesn’t actually work) found on one of my in-law’s antiquing trips.



The windows allow so much light through that we literally never have to turn on a lamp during the day in any room including bathrooms.



I’m completely OCD about natural light anyway. I refuse to allow my kids to use overhead lights when they can just open the blinds upstairs. I refuse to put blinds in the windows downstairs and opt instead of curtains that we draw shut in the evening.


We spend most evenings in the spring and summer on the porch swing talking about the day or watching the kids play games in the yard.


We all have our favorite spots. One of the odd things about this house is the amount of stray cats that LIVE behind our house in the woods. My husband has affectionately named each of the cats that wander in our yard. He knows which ones were previously kittens and who their parents are. If it wasn’t so funny, I’d find it creepy. We don’t feed the cats but they decide to stick around anyway. Our cat, Mazey, bolts to the window as soon as we open the curtains.

My favorite spot is on our couch. I can sit here and people watch, train watch, reflect, and keep tabs on kiddos.



Outside of our window in the master bedroom there is the most beautiful Japanese Magnolia that only blooms in January and February. It’s how we can tell that Spring is almost here.



And for my Fixer Upper friends….#shiplap..


I don’t write this post for any other reason than to remember all of the things I love about this place. We definitely feel like this was a gift to us. The way things worked out when we were trying to make this place happen couldn’t have happened any other way than God intervening on our behalf and we don’t take it for granted.




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